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Message from the President

Hello, welcome to our online center and web portal for all things within and throughout the ISR Matrix. Thank you for visiting.

The ISR Matrix was established in 1996 and based on the principles of aliveness in training. This aliveness is a naturally sequential expression that is validated by proof through performance and objective measurement. Our foundation is one built on efficiency in function, reliability under stress and adaptability as a constant. It is from this dynamic base and core that we have since built an international organization that has come to be known for the most innovative, efficient, and readily transferable training methods in our field.

If demonstrably progressive training though direct immersion with genuine and experienced guidance makes sense to you, then you have certainly come to the right place. I am certain you will find many peers among our members who share your appreciation and passion for honesty in training and it's validation via proof when implemented. Regardless of your personal goals or experience, I hope you will enjoy your visit. Browse through our media, text and press collection. Take some time to look through our online forum and if you are inspired, join then contribute and share. Ultimately, we are a community organized and united in integrity, responsibility and service promoting and consistently refining the finest instruction, training and preparation for what we do in the course of our day in the training hall and in the field.

Thanks again and best of fortune,

Luis Gutierrez
ISR Matrix Founder & President


Instruction accommodates one of three divisions


The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) is designed for licensed civilian and employed security personnel working in environments that require subject control, restraint, and transportation such as executive protection, hospital orderlies, security guards and bouncers. From individual to team tactics, the system is designed to directly address the specific needs of the security guard, team, institution or business requiring the training.


The ISR Matrix Law Enforcement (LE) is designed for the patrol officer as a complete defensive tactics system that can easily be readily integrated with existing S.O.P. and use of force continuums as required. From officer presence, on through to the use of deadly force, the ISR Matrix grants officers the adaptability to escalate and de-escalate in direct proportion to subject's resistance levels.


The ISR Matrix Armed Forces (AF) is designed to meet the needs of military and paramilitary personnel working as individuals or as part of special response and anti-terrorist teams. This training takes into account the various threats encountered every day in different fields of operation yet upholds the rules of engagement of each group. The strategies and tactics employed have emphasis on transition to and from firearms in close quarter battle, urban survival and team tactics. Certain aspects of the ISR-AF are also commonly used to instruct S.W.A.T.

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Affiliation, Certification and Membership

The ISR Matrix's standards are the highest in the industry. These requirements are strictly structured and maintained among all of its representatives around the world. In order to develop and sustain these standards, all of the training is uniformly taught, measured, documented and collected centrally. This assures proper levels of service to, and accurate evaluations from, every single ISR Matrix global training affiliate, certified instructor and active operator.

Affiliation with the ISR Matrix is only open to those enrolled in its Instructor Development Program (IDP). Affiliates are workplace apprentices functioning on two fronts. Firstly, as organizationally supported, active and engaged interns developing their teaching and performance skills. Secondly, they act as ISR Matrix information centers able to handle the initial questions about the ISR Matrix locally then assist with inquiries and refer them as needed.

Affiliation requirements:
  • Must apply then be accepted to ISR Matrix's Instructor Development Program. Sources, references and the proper licensing protocols will be verified by an administrator.
  • Must join then remain active on the ISR Matrix's Member's Forum. Forum access by section will be directly determined by type of IDP affiliate is enrolled in and therefore authorized to view.
  • Must actively pursue IDP training via courses, seminars, clinics, workshops and private instruction with approved ISR Matrix Instructors within the set guidelines and time frame as designed by administrative staff and Board Members.
  • Must follow and represent ISR Matrix rules and regulations as they apply to working and teaching standards as well as business practices and the parameters as set by the organization.
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Certification requirements:
  • Must complete mandatory IDP credit hours alongside its requirements and then be approved by a registered ISR Matrix Instructor Trainer.
  • ISR Matrix Field Instructors and Instructor Trainers must maintain proficiency with the ISR Matrix strategies and tactics then meet teaching, training and curriculum standards as defined and developed by the organization to maintain an active and qualified certification status.
Membership requirements:
  • Must remain active and qualified under the existing standards of the organization as set by its governing Board of Members.

Mission Statement

To provide tactics training to law enforcement, military and security professionals that is performance driven, functional and reliable under pressure, yet fully integrates into existing work parameters and is readily absorbed and deployable by every able body.

To continuously develop and evolve the state of occupational defensive tactics internationally. To establish, secure then support the active network of the ISR Matrix's highly trained and prepared Instructors and Trainers around the world. At the ISR Matrix, we are determined to insure, then consistently present superior levels of response-ability from our First Tier of Instructors and on through to our Field Trainers and Regional Directors.

Mission Implementation

With function, performance and reliability as the guiding protocol and the measure of success, our foundation's value to the community is always tested, maintained then proven safe and efficient through the direct capabilities of our training groups, training representatives and active cadets in the field.

We at ISR Matrix therefore place the utmost emphasis on training and maintaining the highest standards anywhere, both in our training methodology and with our enduring requirements though yearly reviews and continued personal development.


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