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04-01-2011 SPRING SALE ON ALL DVD ITEMS Limited time sale on all DVD items (while quantities last) more
05-16-2010 EMS Self-Defense and Workplace Violence via the MedicCast News Comments Tips & Meds more
04-13-2010 ISR Matrix Self Defense for EMS EMS self defense using ISR Matrix techniques more
03-11-2010 New Zealander travels to train ISR Matrix Maai Hyoshi member trains overseas: ISR Matrix, subject control and foundation skills program more
10-01-2009 Response Australia Magazine ISR Matrix Article Australian Police organisations are performing a disservice to their staff, and the community they are expected to serve, by not implementing ISR Matrix. more
08-21-2009 Martial Arts is Law Enforcement "The delivery system of all things functional, lives thrives and evolves from the conflict and relationship of open exchange and free exploration that necessity and the parameters of reality dictate and require." more
08-04-2009 S.W.A.T. Magazine ISR Matrix Article Intercept-Stabilize-Resolve Matrix System for Military, Police and Civilians more
09-01-2005 Black Belt Magazine ISR Matrix Article Defense Program for Law Enforcement Offers Valuable Lessons for Civilians more


03-14-2010 ISR-PM Tactical Week Australia 2010 Photos & video from ISR-PM: Subject Control Fundamentals March 12-14 2010 at Tactical Week Australia and includes general ISR student testimonials. For More info and Video
01-20-2010 2009 ISR Matrix Pictorial Series of pictures as a pictorial of ISR clinics & courses from its ISR-LE and ISR-AF approaches for its participants and enthusiasts alike. For More info and Video
10-20-2009 ISR-AF Clinch with Cloth This is a compilation of footage taken over the past few years working the ISRAF material with the OSI-Anti-Terrorist Specialty Team in LAFB. The material shown is the clinch with cloth component of the system. For More info and Video
09-28-2009 ISR-LE Original Promo Original Law Enforcement promotional video For More info and Video
09-28-2009 ISR Matrix I Fought The Law TESTING Comment Section For More info and Video
09-28-2009 ISR-PM Tactics B-Footage ISR-PM TESTING Video comment section For More info and Video
09-25-2009 ISR-PM Matrix PM Oz Promo Testing the video comment section. For More info and Video
08-21-2009 ISR-AF CWC/CQB Short Version The essential elements from Greco Roman Wrestling, Free Style Wrestling, Judo, Western Boxing, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu more For More info and Video
12-01-2007 ISR-PM Defensive Tactics H2H / CWC testing video comment section For More info and Video
10-01-2007 ISR Matrix, Law Enforcement 2007 Promo Testing comment section For More info and Video

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